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SPACE IS LIMITED. Each resident is only allowed items which will fit in her allotted space. 


5 Pairs of pants

5 Pairs of shorts

5 Shirts

5 Tee shirts

7 Pairs of shoes

2 Coats

1 Raincoat

15 Panties/bras

10 Pairs of socks

5 Sets of dress clothing

4 Sweaters

Please ring the following items with you when you enter Freedom from Bondage. If you are in need of any items listed.  There are many community resources in the local area to assist with resident's needs.  

- TB/PPD test results

- Georgia driver's license or state issued ID 

- Social Security card 

- Birth certificate

- Personal hygiene items (soap, dental hygiene products,      shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products, hair        products)

- Medications


Additional suggestions:


Bike (with a chain and lock)


Portable fan

Alarm clock

Reading light

Cell phone

1 Tote bag/backpack

1 Suitcase

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